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I just found out that Avon - the world's biggest cosmetic company - is selling books by an extremist in Brazil who bragged to the New York Times about being, "public enemy #1 of the gay movement." Not cool!

A firebrand evangelical pastor, Pastor Silas Malafia was recently called out by the Brazilian government for inciting violence against gays. Malafaia even threatened Brazil's top gay rights activist - calling him a "bandit" who he wants to "break in to pieces."

I just signed a letter to Avon International's new CEO, Sherilyn S. McCoy, asking her to do the right thing and drop Malafaia for good. In a country like Brazil, where hate crimes against LGBT people are through the roof, a progressive company like Avon has no excuse for supporting such a hateful character.

All Out is delivering the petition directly to Avon headquarters in NYC next week - please sign this urgent letter now and let's make sure Avon hears our message loud and clear:
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April 18, 2012


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