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I'm sending this journal entry to many LGBT and equality groups on dA, but the reason I'm doing this is that I need help.
Maybe some of you heard about it, there's an act called Freedom To Marry, and what it does is that it's trying to legalize gay marriage in the states of the US. So far it has won and lost in some states, and you can google "freedom to marry states" and click on the first link to see its progress. Right now, they're having a little struggle with Minnesota, because the Minnesota Catholic Conference has stated that they would put "extraordinary resources towards making sure this marriage amendment gets passed". So now Freedom To Marry needs a lot more supporters and some money...
This is where I ask for your help. As you know, there's a dA t-shirt contest going on on dA. And the top 3 winners will get many prizes, including a 1500 $ worth check. I've designed a t-shirt for the contest, and if I win, i'm going to ask the dA staff to address my check to Freedom To Marry in order to help them out. Now, I need YOUR votes to get me in the Top 50. All you have to do is click on this… and click on the "I'd Wear This!" button to vote for me! I know it's not guaranteed that I'll win, but there's also a chance that I might, so please, I ask for your help :heart: :love:
P.S : I would really appreciate it if you could also add the shirt to your favorites, if you like it of course, to make it popular and enable it to be seen on the front pages It's not necessary, but I would really really appreciate it!   :D:D:D :hug: :love:

If you could spread the word around to your friends or anyone you know on dA, it would be most appreciated and I would be so so so so so so so grateful to you. :heart: :hug:

Thank you all so much for all your help!!  :D:D:D :heart: :love: :hug:
LizzieMuder Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2011  Student Photographer
great post! i'll do what you said and everyone else should do it also!! help out a great cause!
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Submitted on
November 2, 2011